Family Caravans

If you have made the decision of buying a camping caravan for your family, we have got you covered. Here at GPJ Caravan, we have a big collection of family caravans for sale that allow you to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. Whether you are planning to enjoy your holidays at the lakeside or in the middle of the countryside, let us find the perfect camping vehicle for your family.

family caravans melbourne

Lots of Facilities:

Our family caravans are loaded with lots of facilities that could make your camping tour extremely comfortable than you think. If you are a kind of person who prefers going on for camping with your family frequently, you can invest on our spacious caravans that can accommodate anything required for your trip. With ample storage, quality construction, large kitchen, spacious bedroom and living area, our caravans can fulfil all your camping needs.

Availability of different sizes:

We take pride in offering family caravans in different sizes and shapes. Whether you are a newly married couple, a small family or a large group, we can provide caravans that can accommodate your entire family. The availability of ample choices helps you choosing the caravan with one or more berths according to your individual needs. We assure you that our family caravan will be your ticket to explore the beautiful city.

Custom-Built Family Caravans:

If you want a luxury caravan with unique features, why not consider a custom-built family caravan? Our manufacturing crew works with you to understand your specific needs and build caravans to your specification. All of our caravans are built by our certified technicians to the industry standard, so you can be assured of getting a top-notch camping vehicle for camping.

Features & Amenities:

We build caravans with the vast array of facilities and amenities that will cover all the requirements you may have. They include

  • Pleasant interior with comfortable seating and extendable footrests
  • Bright LED lighting that creates a pleasant ambience and illuminates the entire space.
  • Plenty of ventilation that ensures a good flow of air and sunlight
  • Good quality air condition with the remote control unit
  • A complete electrical system that powers all of your electrical appliances
  • Adequate storage space both inside and outside to store up your belongings
  • Indoor & outdoor entertainment systems with a slide out BBQ

We take pride in adding new camper van models to our line and manufacturing a vehicle tailored to meet your exact specifications. For a custom-built family caravan, give us a call at 0469729222.