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GPJ Caravan supplies a wide spectrum of affordable camping caravans for sale, all prepared to a  high standard. We optimize the use of technology, the best construction procedures, and materials to prepare exceptionally well-crafted and modern custom built caravans. We manufacture premium Australian made and designed caravans to your custom specifications.

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GPJ Caravans is the prominent new caravans manufacturer producing several models in our modern custom-built space. With years of experience in caravan construction utilising only the highest quality tools and materials, it is easy to see why GPJ Caravans are the current industry rising star. We are fully equipped to commence all forms of servicing and custom builts while our highly skilled engineers are capable of providing any make of caravan.

A caravan holiday with your family, friends & loved ones is one of the most pleasurable things that one can ever visualise. We build caravans in different shapes and sizes that suit all terrains and weather conditions. Our luxury caravans have all the best features to accommodate your needs and make your journey more enjoyable. We use high-quality material to build the caravans and incorporate appliances, sinks, lounges and other facilities that you may need during the commute. With customised design and enhanced comfort, our luxury caravans will provide you with a feeling of relaxation and fulfil your dream of spending holidays with complete peace of mind. To get your dream caravan with the best configuration, call us today at 0469729222.

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GPJ Caravans takes pride in offering an extensive range of luxury and private caravans for sale. Manufactured in the most modern factory, our custom design caravans boast advanced features that ensure utmost comfort. Our experts provide step by step guide throughout the process of building a caravan according to your individual needs. We understand modern state of the art facilities alone is not enough. Our customer service is the key to our long-term success.

Whilst constantly taking advantage of the cutting edge technology and factory training, our team never loses sight of GPJ Caravans Mission. The layout and standard inclusion list of our luxury caravans are meticulously created based on years of experience, paying careful attention to the wants and needs of our customers and the caravanning community.

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