Australian Caravan Manufacturers

GPJ Caravans is the prominent new caravans manufacturer producing several models in our modern custom-built space. With years of experience in caravan construction utilising only the highest quality tools and materials, it is easy to see why GPJ Caravans are the current industry rising star. We are fully equipped to commence all forms of servicing and custom builts while our highly skilled engineers are capable of providing any make of caravan.

new caravan manufacturer australia

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Passion & Experience:

We have been designing and building camping vehicles for several years. With immense experience, passion and skills, we manufacture luxury caravans that are designed to your custom specifications. Our manufacturing team constantly comes up with new innovations and adapts to the customer needs.      

  • State-Of-The-Art Facility:

GPJ Caravan is a leading new caravan manufacturer in the industry and is known for business excellence, state-of-the-art-facility, quality control and manufacturing techniques. We adopt proven methods to build caravans of the highest standards. Our vehicles have a great reputation for durability and reliability, ensuring great value for your money.

  • Commitment to Excellence:     

e have a strong commitment to producing highly functional and reliable caravans for customers who want to spend their leisure time with all the comfort of their home. We bring our quality criteria into line with that of the global standards. With the perfect combination of technological innovations and our quality system, we can deliver the best camping vehicles for our customers.  

  • Smart Design:

We deploy the best of the technologies, advanced construction methods and materials to build innovatively designed caravans. With contemporary interiors, striking exterior and smart design, our luxury caravans provide added comfort throughout the holidays.   

  • Award Winning Products:

We have a wide range of caravans that you can choose from based on your requirements or you can have a caravan that is custom-built to your individual specifications. Our manufacturing team will work with you to understand your needs and build caravans reflecting your dream.

GPJ Caravan- A Leading Manufacturer:

A caravan holiday with your family, friends & loved ones is one of the most pleasurable things that one can ever visualise. We build caravans in different shapes and sizes that suit all terrains and weather conditions. Our luxury caravans have all the best features to accommodate your needs and make your journey more enjoyable. We use high-quality material to build the caravans and incorporate appliances, sinks, lounges and other facilities that you may need during the commute. With customised design and enhanced comfort, our luxury caravans will provide you with a feeling of relaxation and fulfil your dream of spending holidays with complete peace of mind.

To get your dream caravan with the best configuration, call us today at 0469729222.